Tagore Coaching Center's Play Ground

A good institution is that which imparts not only good bookish knowledge but also encourages its students to take part in various games and sports. Keeping this view in mind, Tagore Coaching Centre has a big Play Ground to improve health and body strength of the students . Sports teach the students qualities like discipline, self control and co-operation. The physical training teachers encourage all the students to play games. Physical excercises and fitness tests are also conducted everyday under the supervision of well qualified trainers. The play ground is surrounded by lust green environment full of plants and trees.

Tagore Coaching Center's Hostel

The students’ dormitory have been designed in such a way that the students may accommodate themselves to live and learn.The hostels with air cooled facility have been designed as a place for students to live and learn to adjust to the educational demands, while encouraging them to develop a healthy social network. Each hostel is under the care of a resident lady/gent warden (as per requirements) who maintains the academic, medical and personal progress of her/his wards. She/he also acts as an able counselor, guide and administrator.

Curriculum Activities in Tagore Coaching Center

We are dedicated at providing the well researched and the best in the class curriculum for our students.


The strategic method of teaching and training imparted to students, virtually develop their potentialities and intellect sagacity in a constructive manner of the planned schedule, is our VISION to achieve a successful career competitively in all respect.


The intellectual character and moral value of students are always kept high in this academy. Our Mission helps the students to meet the challenged ambiance with constant endurance and perseverance to lay an incredible landmark on our concrete planning of fidelity. We would proceed forward with strong determination for achieving the goal of success and shall leave no stone behind at any turning of crucial confronts.